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Milesovka is a dominating feature of the Ceske Stredohori highland. We can find it over the village Milesov about 10km northwestward of Lovosice. The peak is ranked among the most windy mountains in Czech Republic and it is also the highest one in Ceske Stredohori. The very first chalet had been built up in 1825, other buildings soon followed as well as the outlook tower in 1850. The traveler Alexander von Humboldt is responsible for the construction, he labeled the view from Milesovka as the third most beautiful in the world, it is really worth visiting. You can see the scenery view of Ceske Stredohori, the Polabska nizina lowlands and the ridge of the Krusne hory mountains. Milesovka adjoins with a peak called Paskapole which is crossed by the road connecting Prague with Teplice.



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